Vietnam ups interest in unmanned Orbiter 3

11:48:00 PM
HANOI, -- Vietnam wants to acquire additional Orbiter 2 unmanned air systems from Aeronautics Defense Systems, and also to buy its larger Orbiter 3, according to Dany Eshchar, the company's deputy chief executive.

The Israeli company late last year received an order to provide Orbiter 2s to Vietnam's army, with the air vehicles to be used as an aerial forward observation asset by its artillery corps.

Advantages of operating the larger Orbiter 3 (below) include the type's increased maximum payload capacity of 5.5kg (12.1lb), an 18,000ft service ceiling and an endurance of 7h while being flown at 30-70kt (55-130km/h).

Aeronautics is presenting their fixed wing ORBITRER 3 small tactical UAS. ORBITER 3 takes off by a catapult mounted on a SUV vehicle platform. It offers static and on the move operations with its stabilized tri-sensor EO/IR un-/cooled sensors from FLIR and an optional laser pointer. The flight is fully autonomous and guided by a camera.

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