Vietnam Fabricated Components Igla Shoulder-Fired Missiles

1:04:00 AM
HANOI, -- The Missile Institute staff has researched and manufactured successfully e-9P516 block - key components of the structure Igla shoulder-launched missiles.

The scientific staff of the Institute of Missile Institute of Science and Technology Military - MOD research has designed, fabricated electronic block type 9P516.  This is the main component of the structure 9P516 missile launcher Igla , prepared release function and Igla missile launcher in battle.

According to Colonel Do Tuan Cuong, Head of Technical Applications missile, Missile Institute, author of the project "Research, design and manufacture of electronic block type 9P516 Igla missiles ", the team has mastered the technology and manufacturing electronic volume 6 of technical standards abroad; was transferred to the plant in the country overall structure assembled reporters.

The author has completed the design documentation, materials technology electronics manufacturing sector in accordance with the conditions of skilled technicians and workers Vietnam.

Based on the technology employed, the scientists also studied improvements, localized electronic block type 9P516 . Results, 2/4 block of electronic boards have been fully localized (produced from materials and components in the country), tested compatible and works well with the table structure prototype launcher; 2 other tables being studied under the direction of components used in combination with a foreign country, the first step to good results.

The study design, fabrication successful electronic block type 9P516 high practical significance, to help master the technology, actively source components and materials; reduce dependence on foreign experts, contribute to improving the quality of technical assurance and ability SSCD.

The 9K38 Igla Russian/Soviet man-portable infrared homing surface-to-air missile (SAM).

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