Altriz Develops New Simulator for Malaysian Navy

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LANGKAWI, -- Malaysian company Altriz Technology is currently developing a Bridge Shiphandling Simulator (BSS) for the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN), to go alongside an earlier Fleetwork Trainer (FWT) already in operation. Together, these systems comprise what is labelled the Altriz Naval Training Simulator.

The BSS, an integrated bridge system, replicates actual ship bridges where officers can train in ship navigation and ship manoeuvring. Screens show instrumentation such as GPS displays, engine order telegraphs, electronic chart display information systems and radar displays.

Syafiq Jasmin, a senior software engineer, said Altriz commenced the project in June 2014 following a specific request from the RMN. The system uses realistic 3D modelling, and the aim is to create consoles that permit trainees a 270º view. Different weather conditions and atmospheric phenomena can be simulated.

Altriz states it uses ‘top-quality commercial off-the-shelf components to lower total cost of ownership’. The base system can also be easily customised to suit a client’s need. Thus, commercial shipbuilders are another target group for Altriz so they can demonstrate their own designs to clients.

The computer-based FWT, already in service with the RMN at the KD Pelandok naval training centre in Lumut, allows sailors to train in tactical communications and ship manoeuvring. Altriz claims, ‘It integrates computing power, 3D modelling, ship hydrodynamics, oceanography, environment and navigation charts to produce near-realistic training environments for the officers on board.’

The simulator’s screens give operators a panoramic sea view, while hydrodynamics replicates roll, pitch and yaw. A flag-hoisting feature permits sailors to train in visual signalling, while navigational elements such as turn, acceleration and deceleration replicate the characteristics of individual ship classes. Students usually learn in groups of ten, each with their own computer. A recent innovation at the RMN’s request was the addition of a radar function.

Jasmin said LIMA 2015 has given good publicity to his company. He commented that countries like Brunei and Vietnam have shown interest in the Altriz Naval Training Simulator.

Altriz Technology Bridge Shiphandling Simulator.

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