Czech Provide Many Weapons to Vietnam

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HANOI, -- In 2014, according to SIPRI, Vietnam has received radar detection advanced stealth aircraft by the Czech VERA-E production.

Report of the Research Institute of the Stockholm International Peace (SIPRI) on weapons contracts in the period 2013 to 2014, said in 2014, Vietnam has received a radar stealth aircraft began VERA-E from the Czech Republic. This is the last radar system that Vietnam received a total of 4 systems from 2011 to subscribe.

VERA-E is a sophisticated radar system by the Czech Republic in research and development, exports are only a few countries in the world. China wanted to have on hand this type of radar but was prevented drastic America.

Although the contract was signed in 2011 (according to SIPRI), but it was not until 2013, the new government of the Czech Republic this news. According to the website of the Department of National Trade Promotion, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, in 2013, the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic was referring to Vietnam to provide the high-tech weapons including radar VERA .

VERA-E is the export variant of passive radar system VERA developed by the Czech Republic to detect airborne targets, especially stealth aircraft. Vera-E's ability to sophisticated levels can detect stealth bomber B-2 of the US from 250 km distance.

Short-range transport aircraft Let L-410

Also arrested radar stealth machine VERA-E, Czech provided many high-tech weapons to Vietnam. According to the website of the Trade Promotion Agency of the Czech nation, the country has helped Vietnam upgrade radar series P-18 planes from the Soviet Union (former manufacturing). One of the advanced features disclosed is rather common signaling pathway on the use of digital transmission.

Before that, according to many experts and foreign military magazines, Vietnam is in talks to buy 12 short-range transport aircraft Let L-410 of the Czech Republic.

L-410 Turbolet 14,42m long, 5,83m tall, 19,48m wingspan, maximum takeoff weight of 6.4 tons, aircraft load carrying 1.6 tons of cargo or 19 people. The aircraft is equipped with 2 Turboprop Walter M601E allowed to reach a maximum speed of 380km / h in 4.2 km or ceiling bay cruise speed of 365km, nearly 1.400km range.

NOTE: News information was translated via google.

The Slovak Air Force Let L-410UVP-E20 Turbolet short-range transport aircraft.

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