Top Chinese ex-official calls for radar installation on new SCS islands

9:00:00 AM
BEIJING, -- A former People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) admiral has called for the installation of radar stations on China's new island bases in the South China Sea.

PLAN Admiral (rtd) Yin Zhou made the comments on 9 March during the annual Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). Although retired, Zhou is an unofficial spokesman for the PLA and frequently appears on China's newspapers and television as a guest expert.

His authority is enhanced by his position, since several years, as an official delegate to the CPPCC, an organ created by the Chinese Communist Party to gather support for its policies.

Zhou argued that China should install radar facilities at its newly built bases on the Spratly Islands to increase China's ability to contribute to search and rescue operations.

A Complex of concrete multistory structures, including a large-domed radar station, a helipad and a dormitory on Chinese-controlled Subi Reef, in Spratly's Islands.


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