Air Force Aircraft retire Hawk MK-53

5:42:00 AM
MAGETAN, -- Indonesian Air Force (TNI AU) plans memuseumkan Aircraft Hawk MK-53 which has been operated in the Air Squadron 15 Iswahjudi Air Force Base, Magetan, East Java, as has entered purnatugas.

The end of devotion Hawk MK-53 is marked with the "Farewell" Hawk MK-53 in "Shelter" Air Squadron 15 Iswahjudi Air Force Base Wing Commander attended 3 Iswahjudi Air Force Base Colonel Pilot Widyargo Iko Putro along Iswahjudi Air Force Base officials said Thursday.

3 Iswahjudi Air Force Base Wing Commander Colonel Pilot Widyargo Iko Putro, said, "Farewell Flight" is a turnover symbolism aircraft to be operated in 15 of the Air Squadron Hawk MK-53 to T-50i aircraft Golden Eagle.

"Where Hawk MK-53 has been ended in the task of flying hours in the Air Force," said Wing Commander Col. 3 Iswahjudi Air Force Base Pilot Widyargo Iko Putro, told reporters.

According to him, the next Hawk MK-53 that much help the TNI AU that will be placed in the Museum of Air and Space Center Mandala, Yogyakarta.

Aircraft Hawk MK-53 is an artificial plane "British Aerospace". The aircraft used by the Air Force in Indonesia on 1 September 1980.

"The plane has a lot to contribute to the Air Force in carrying out the assignment of operations. As a trainer aircraft, Hawk MK-53 also has scored a fighter pilot aviator-quality , "he said.

In "Farewell Flight", the Hawk MK-53 TT 5309 flown by Squadron Commander Lieutenant Colonel Pilot Air 15 Marda Sarjono along Lieutenant Pilot Kurniadi Sukmo Djatmiko.

They carry out "ferry flight" of Iswahjudi Air Force Base AFB Magetan to Yogyakarta Adisucipto the "in- escort "by five aircraft T-50i Golden Eagle to implement formation flying.

The planes are also conducted twice "flypass" above "Main Apron" Iswahjudi Air Force Base and then landing on the airfield Adisucipto to enforce submission Hawk MK-53 to Mandala Air and Space Center Museum Yogyakarta.

Before flown to Yogyakarta, Iswahjudi Air Force Base Wing Commander Col. 3 Pilot Widyargo Iko Putro, taking the time to sign on the fuselage Hawk MK-53 that enters the purnatugas.

NOTE: News information was translated via Google.

Indonesian Air Force Hawk Mk-53 officially retired after 35 years of service.

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