Boeing Looking To Forge Partnerships With Industrial Players In Malaysia

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KUALA LUMPUR, -- The Boeing Company, which again will have a big presence at the upcoming Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace (LIMA) Exhibition, is committed to being in Malaysia for the long-haul by teaming up with industrial partners to bring about mutually beneficial outcomes.

Vice-President, F/A18E/F International Sales, Global Strike, Defense, Space and Security, Howard Berry, said the aircraft manufacturer was aware that merely offering a capable and affordable product was no longer adequate.

"We recognise the advantages of doing business in Malaysia and this is why sales in the Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MRCA) programme here are that more exciting for us.

"The Malaysian industry will benefit by getting the technology, job creations, interactions with major corporations and become part of the Boeing supply chain," he told Bernama in an interview recently.

"It is not enough anymore to merely offer a capable or affordable product."

"While those are the essentials, it is becoming more important to bring industrial benefits together with your offerings because governments are looking to make politically smart decisions and spending their money most wisely," he said.

Governments, he said, were not only putting out dollars to make important defense acquisitions but it is also for them to reap benefits industrially as well as generate jobs for the populace.

"I often view Malaysia as this big market that's not fully tapped, it is a good and affordable place to do business."

Malaysia is also doing a good job in very quickly becoming more and more technically advanced so we get the best of both worlds here in terms of affordability and capability and this allows for the opportunity to make further investments."

"We believe Malaysian industry benefits by getting the technology, job creations, interaction with major corporations and they get to become part of the Boeing supply chain," he said.

Berry said Boeing also planned to leverage on LIMA which would be held from March 17-21, as a platform to broaden its dialogue within potential customers in the Southeast Asia region.

Some of the assets Boeing would flaunt at the biennial exhibition include two Super Hornets, Boeing C-17 Globemaster III, Maritime Surveillance Aircraft (MSA), P-8 Poseidon, B-52 Stratofortress and F-15 Strike Eagle.

During the exhibition, Boeing would also bring images and models of its new AH-6i 'Little Bird' light attack/reconnaissance helicopter, which would suit the Royal Malaysian Air Force's needs, particularly given its porous borderline.

Berry said Boeing was optimistic that the Malaysian military would give the asset a keen consideration for acquisition.

When asked on any potential collaboration in engineering between Boeing and Malaysia, Berry did not discount the possibility given that the country was quickly becoming technically advanced and it was ready to climb up the value-chain.

"We have discussed with a number of Malaysian industrial entities on how we can bring Malaysian engineers to the United States for training as well as provide support for Boeing," he added.

He reiterated LIMA 2015 would yet be another opportunity to engage key customers in Southeast Asia and expose them to our products and services.

Boeing Maritime Surveillance Aircraft (MSA).

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