US has monitored Chinese subs for years, says Global Times

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BEIJING, -- The US has been lurking and monitoring Chinese submarines off China's coasts for years, reports Huanqiu, the website of the nationalistic Chinese tabloid Global Times.

According to the report, American ships and aircraft have been a constant presence near China's waters. Global Times cited the incident in December 2013 when a Chinese landing ship found the US guided missile cruiser USS Cowpens was tracking the PLA aircraft carrier Liaoning and intercepted it.

The US account of the incident is that the Cowpens was monitoring in international waters and refused the request of a PLA ship that it leave the area, whereupon a PLA amphibious dock ship suddenly veered and blocked the US cruiser’s path, forcing it to change direction to avoid a collision. The two ships made radio contact after the near collision and no further incident ensued. The tailored account that was given to China's public through the Global Times however was that the US vessel was harassing the Liaoning and its escorts and had taken offensive actions.

The report said the US has documented the seabed near the bases of China's nuclear-powered submarines as well as the gravity, magnetic fields, currents and tides of China's coastline. Each of the US ships monitoring the seas are assigned specific tasks, it said.

The report goes on to say that there are four classes of marine surveillance ships, including the oceanographic survey ship USNS Bowditch which can monitor the water and the seabed terrain it travels through via sonar. US nuclear submarines can use the information the ship collects, it said.

The report later adds that spy ships from the US often pose as civilian ships with their crew claiming to be scientific researchers, according to an "authoritative" source. Global Times claimed that the 30 scientific researchers on the Bowditch are in fact senior US Navy spies and experts. The 4,000-square-meter laboratory on the ship can test water samples and send the results to the Pentagon or intelligence services directly, it said.

A Pair of People's Liberation Army Navy Submarine Force Jin (Type 094) Class Ballistic Missile Submarine. The submarine base on Hainan Island.

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