Two C-01 Rafale fighter aircraft performance permissibility in Jakarta

11:32:00 PM
JAKARTA, -- Secretly competition tension fighter aircraft manufacturers who want their products appointed as successor to the F-5E / F Tiger II Air Force increased, and today the two fighter C- French Air Force Rafale 01 stop at the Main Air Base Halim, Jakarta.

Both aircraft twin-engine multirole fighter-made Dassault Aviation, France, was transported to wear medium transport aircraft A-400M Air Force France, according to information from the Department of the Air Force Information, Monday .

They are the same contingent of the French Air Force, who previously competed at the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace 2015, Malaysia, a few days ago. In no user ASEAN C-01 Rafale.

Air Force plans to remove the F-5E / F Tiger II made in Northrop, United States. There are several candidates who are keen filler offered, namely artificial JAS39 SAAB Gripen AB, Sweden, Eurofighter Typhoon (Eurofighter / consortium of Western Europe), F-16 Fighting Falcon Block 60 (Boeing-USA), and the Sukhoi Su-35 Flanker ( Russia).

Not just Air Squadron 14 (where Tiger II incorporated) which will look for a replacement fighter, but will also build three new combat air squadron.

If we assume that a squadron of magnitude of 12 to 18 aircraft would require 48 to 64 units of fighter aircraft fitted new support system, the system of care and maintenance, training systems, and others.

The name C-01, Rafale is almost never mentioned until some time ago and now two units of fighters who participated nature Hermattan Operations, in northern Libya, it reveal itself. In addition to its technological content, products weapon France is known to have a very charming design with a high enough price.

While in Jakarta, the second unit of the C-01, Rafale it will show fly in the face of Air Force officials.

Not just in Jakarta for demonstration -Some flew Air Force fighter pilot participate as an aviator tandem- also held at the Main Air Base rd, Madiun, East Java. This air base, known as the "nest" Air Force fighter aircraft.

C-01 made Dassault Aviation Rafale (Dassault Breguet used) in several variants, the Rafale A, Rafale B, Rafale C, Rafale D, and Rafale M, specifically created to be placed in the carrier.

Rafale, Typhoon and Gripen --Everything delta wings with wing kanard-- active in humanitarian operations in the Middle East over the UN mandate, including Operation Karakal (JAS39 Gripen).

Compared to its competitors, Rafale and Gripen figure far from creepy but save lethality and high technology in wiping out an opponent in the air, sea and land.

NOTE: News information was translated via Google.

The French Rafale fighter aircraft landed at Halim AFB.

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