Philippine Air Force to acquire main rotor spares

9:26:00 PM
MANILA, -- To ensure that all UH-IH "Huey" helicopters in the Philippine Air Force are combat- and mission-ready at all times, the PAF announced that it is allocating the sum of PhP26,660,000 for the acquisition of spare main rotor assemblies for the above-mentioned rotary wing aircraft.

The main rotor hub is the combination of several rotary wings and a control system that generates the aerodynamic lift force that supports the weight of the helicopter and the thrust that counteracts aerodynamic drag in forward flight.

Bid opening and submission is scheduled at 9 a.m. on March 11 at the PAF Procurement Center Conference Room, Villamor Air Base, Pasay City.

Prospective bidders should have an experience in similar project within the last five years.

The PAF is known to operate 30 to 40 "Huey" units which are being utilized for air support, transportation and medical evacuation missions.

The Philippine Air Force refurbished Bell UH-1H Huey currently undergoing flight testing. The PAF is acquiring 21 refurbished Bell UH-1H helicopters to bolster its combat, security and utility, transport capability. (c) Tim Maceren

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