RSS Endurance Navy ships docked in Cam Ranh

6:53:00 PM
HANOI, -- Singapore Navy ships named RSS Endurance International has just docked in Vietnam's Cam Ranh at 9 am on 17 May 3. This was the first foreign ship to Cam Ranh International Port from the date of opening of the port Thursday 8 May 3.

RSS Endurance ship visits in the annual exchange program of the two navies of Vietnam - Singapore. 

According to schedule, the same day, the ship's crew will visit people's social committee of Khanh Hoa Province, visited the headquarters of the Navy 4 and the reception of Command Area 4, at the International Port Orange Free. Of vessels to return to Singapore on the morning of March 21.

Cam Ranh International Port has previously been Vietnam to the Soviet Union and then Russia rent for the period from 1979 to 2002. On March 8 last, the international port of Cam Ranh was launched with the mission of providing maritime services for vessels of water.

The Republic of Singapore Navy ship RSS Endurance (207) landing platform dock at the Cam Ranh International Port in Vietnam for the last leg of the Midshipman Sea Training Deployment.

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