FSMTC Offers the Philippines Helicopters, Marine Equipment and Small Arms

8:43:00 PM
MOSCOW, -- Russia held a presentation for the Philippines helicopters, marine equipment, small arms, "Interfax" on Wednesday, the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC) Russia.

"Talking about the supply of certain models of arms and military equipment is premature waiting for official requests from the Philippine side." - said the official representative of the Russian FSMTC Maria Vorobyova.

She said that the Philippine side held presentation of production of concern "Kalashnikov", Mi-17V-5, Mi-171SH helicopter, Mi-35 helicopters, speedboats, Coast Guard Systems, other samples of military products.

In FSMTC we said that we are talking about military equipment and weapons that will help the Philippines improve the efficiency of the fight against terrorism and piracy.

"The question of the formation of the legal framework of the Russian-Philippine military-technical cooperation", - said m.Vorobevy.

"The Russian Federation in response to the interest of the military-technical cooperation of the Republic of the Philippines in the development of leadership expressed its readiness to further discuss the parameters of mutually beneficial partnerships in this sphere", - said the representative of the Russian FSMTC.

The Russian Federation Air Force Mil Mi-35M attack helicopter.


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