Japanese warships dock in Manila after defense pact signing

7:23:00 PM
MANILA, -- Two warships of the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force Minesweeper Division 51 arrived in Manila on Wednesday for a three-day good will visit to the Philippines.

Navy Capt Lued Lincuna, director of Naval Public Affairs Office, said the ships docked at South Harbor’s Pier 15.

Philippine Navy delegates headed by Capt. Rolando Sarmiento, the Superintendent of the Naval Combat Engineering Brigade Training Center, welcomed their Japanese counterparts.

The two vessels —Uraga and Takashina — were under the command of Capt. Toshiro Takaiwa.

The visit comes amid the strengthening of defense cooperation between the Philippine and Japan. Early this week, the two countries signed an agreement for Japan’s transfer of defense equipment and technology to the Philippines.

A tour was given to personnel from the Philippine Fleet and Naval Sea Systems Command onboard the two Japanese ships.
The visit aims to enhance “the already strong relationship” of the Philippine Navy and the JMSDF and promote regional peace and stability.

It also aims to enhance maritime cooperation, Lincuna said. Both countries are facing China’s aggressive actions in the South China Sea and East China Sea.

The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (Uraga (MST 463) Minesweeper Tender sits at harbor at Pier 15 of the Port of Manila while on a goodwill visit. It is accompanied by the smaller JS Takashima (MSC 603).


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