DND denies ‘realignment’ of missile deal with Israel

6:59:00 AM
MANILA, -- The Department of National Defense denied that the Army's supposed missile defense deal with Israel was scrapped in favor of purchasing firearms to face the more immediate threat of local terrorism, as an online report claimed.

In a statement on Tuesday, the DND clarified that the missile deal, aimed to bolster the country's defenses against China, has yet to be finalized. Due to this, it said, the funds were instead invested in countering local armed groups like the Abu Sayyaf.

“We would like to address a published report on the alleged “realignment” of the Shore-Based Missile System (SBMS) of the Philippine Army (PA) under the Armed Forces of the Philippines Modernization program,” the statement read.

“The SBMS project is merely a proposal at this time, and as such, there is no “realignment” but rather a reprioritization of the said project in favor of the urgent need of our PA troops for individual force protection equipment,” it continued.

The DND also said there was no truth in the report that said the P6.5-billion missile deal was scrapped because it was a government-to-government deal, meaning there would be no commissions for Defense officials and the Army's top brass.

It added that everything was considered and due process was followed when investing the funds in the other modernization program.

“The reprioritization was a collective decision by Defense senior leaders, which was submitted to the President after going through the required processes in the Defense System of Management, which took into consideration the dynamics of the country’s ever developing security environment,” it said.

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