Singapore To Upgrade F-16 Fighter With AESA Radar

5:44:00 PM
SINGAPORE, -- The upgrade of the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF)'s F-16 fighter aircraft seeks to equip the RSAF’s ageing fleet of F-16s - which first entered service in 1998 - with new and advanced capabilities to keep them operationally relevant.

The new Active Electronically Scanned Array Radar represents a significant capability upgrade, extending the F-16's detection range and enabling the fighter aircraft to track and engage multiple targets at greater distances.

The upgrade will also equip the F-16s with an all-weather, ground-attack capability, enabling it to strike targets with more capable precision munitions such as the Laser Joint Direct Attack Munition (LJDAM).

Modern advanced air-to-air weapons will equip the aircraft with the capability to engage a wide spectrum of air threats within visual ranges.

In addition, the datalink capability and the advanced helmet mounted display will provide the pilot with superior situational awareness, enhancing safety and enabling the pilot to maximise the potential of modern munitions.

The upgrade programme enhances the capabilities of the RSAF's fighter fleet and ensures that Singapore's defence and security needs are met.

The upgrade for the RSAF's F-16 fighter aircraft will commence from 2016 and will be conducted in phases. It is expected to take place over five to six years.

An F-16C of the Republic of Singapore Air Force 140 Sqn on taxi.

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