Australia Releases RfI for Next-Generation Air-Defence System

9:02:00 PM
CANBERRA, -- Australia intends enhancing or replacing its existing ground-based air defence (GBAD) capability, issuing a request for information (RfI) on 22 June that is expected to be followed by a request for tender in the last quarter of 2016.

The RfI published by the Defence Materiel Organisation says that Project Land 19 Phase 7B will absorb the existing Phase 7A "Sense and Warn" force protection functionality into a GBAD capability that will be able to sense, manage, and mitigate threat weapon and sensor effects.

The solution is envisaged as a sensor suite that may include multiple, different types of sensors; an effector suite that may include multiple, different types of effectors; and a command, control, communications, computing, and intelligence (C4I) system that links sensors and effectors and integrates with the broader Australian Defence.

The Royal Australian Army with RBS-70 ground-based air defence (GBAD).

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