Two Philippine Air Force acquired light attack helicopters still under technical inspection

9:48:00 PM
MANILA, -- Two armed AgustaWestland AW-109E "Power" helicopters acquired by the Philippine Air Force (PAF)last November remained on display at the former Clark Air Force Base in Pampanga for technical inspection.

"They were just displayed there for appreciation of visitors but they are not yet turned over to the PAF. They are still undergoing technical inspection and acceptance process,"PAF spokesperson Col. Enrico Canaya said.

Canaya declined to comment on when this process will be completed and how many armed AW-109Es are now undergoing technical inspection and acceptance process.

The two attack helicopters were part of the eight attack units of the AW-109E acquired by PAF for Php3.44 billion. Two units were delivered last January with the remaining six expected to be delivered by this year and the next.

The contract also includes initial logistics support and training for aircrew and maintenance personnel.

The PAF’s AW-109E attack helicopters feature a dedicated mission package and equipment, including a combination of weapon systems which includes pods for .50 caliber machine-guns and 20mm auto-cannon.

The AW-109E "Power" is a three-ton class eight-seat twin engine helicopter.

The spacious cabin is designed to be fitted with a number of modular equipment packages for quick and easy conversion between roles.

The aircraft’s safety and survivability features include a fully separated fuel system, dual hydraulic boost system, dual electrical systems and redundant lubrication and cooling systems for the main transmission and engines.

The AW-109E's superior speed, capacity and productivity combined with reliability and ease of maintenance make it the most cost effective helicopter in its class for a range of government tasks.

The brand new ‪AgustaWestland‬ AW109 Power Armed Scout ‪‎Helicopters‬ of the ‪‎Philippine‬ Air Force 15th Strike Wing displayed at Clark Air Base. Intended for light attack and close support missions, equipped with .50 caliber machine guns and rocket launchers.

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