Wa army fielding new Chinese artillery, ATGMs

8:57:00 PM
NAYPYIDAW, -- As part of a sweeping modernisation process, the United Wa State Army (UWSA) based in northeastern Myanmar is fielding new Chinese towed artillery and anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM).

Images seen by IHS Jane's that were taken earlier in 2015 near Panghsang, the capital of the UWSA-administered Shan State Special Region 2 (SR2), show UWSA troops training with Type 96 122 mm howitzers - the Chinese copy of the Soviet D-30 gun produced by China North Industries Corporation (Norinco) - and HJ-8 (Red Arrow-8) tube-launched, optically tracked wire-guided anti-tank missiles (ATGMs).

This marks the first time the UWSA - estimated to number 20,000-25,000 regular troops - has been confirmed to have added either system to its increasingly sophisticated inventory.

The People's Liberation Army HJ-8 or "Red Arrow-8" second generation tube-launched, optically tracked, wire-guided anti-tank missile system.


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