Sukhoi Handed Over Another Batch of Su-34 Frontline Bombers to the Ministry of Defense

6:16:00 PM
MOSCOW --- Today the Sukhoi Company handed over the first batch of Su-34 frontline bombers to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation according to the 2015 State Defense Order.

The aircraft took off from the V.P. Chkalov Novosibirsk Aircraft Plant’s airfield and headed to the place of their deployment.

Last year the Sukhoi Company’s branch — Novosibirsk aviation plant successfully completed the 2014 State Defense Order and delivered two combat aircraft above the initial yearly plan.

At the present time the aircraft plant operates with maximum efficiency. The State Contract with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for supplies of the Su-34s to the Air Force up to the year 2020 guarantees a stable work load of the Sukhoi Company for the coming years and identifies long-term development prospects. Currently, Su-34s operate successfully in the military and demonstrate high performance.

The features of the Su-34 include, in particular, a flight range increased up to 4000 km, a maximum speed of up to 1900 km/h, a payload of up to 8 tons. The aircraft has a new weapon system and an air refueling system.

The Sukhoi Su-34 Fullback is the Russian air force’s standard long-range strike aircraft. Its range has been increased to 4,000 km and its payload to 8 tonnes, Sukhoi says.

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