KRI Bung Tomo Exocet Missile Launch Success in the Java Sea

5:59:00 PM
JAKARTA, -- KRI Bung Tomo-357 test its weapons system by launching missiles Exocet MM-40 Block II in the Java Sea. The trial was conducted to determine the ability of the weapon system integrated fleet (SSAT) owned by the Navy.

The launch missiles Exocet MM-40 Block II in the waters of the Java Sea, Thursday (05/28/2015) witnessed by Chief of Naval Staff (Navy Chief of Staff) Admiral Ade Supandi military officials who accompanied the Military Headquarters.

KRI Bung Tomo is a battle-ax type of light multi-role frigate (MLRF) commanded by Marine Colonel (P) Yayan Sofiyan. Admiral Ade Supandi in his statement said the missiles Exocet MM-40 Block II is the second generation owned by the Navy after Exocet MM-38. Later, the Navy will have a Block III as the latest generation.

 In addition to testing the reliability of missiles, Exocet missile test MM-40, is also done to test the system in KRI Bung Tomo-357. The trial is important to know the combat readiness KRI Bung Tomo.

Head of Information Department of the Indonesian Fleet Command East Region , Marine Lt. Col. (KH) Maman Sulaeman, said stages activities missile launch MM-40 Exocet Block II runs smoothly.

"The firing Exocet MM 40 in the Java Sea is not the only trial conducted Navy. Because do also tested against other weapons systems, such as torpedoes, cannons and other types of missiles, which are useful in order to test the readiness of the ship before the vessel will be used in accordance force projection of the Armed Forces Commander, "said Maman.

The Republic of Indonesian Navy KRI Bung Tomo 357, F2000 / Bung Tomo class guided missile corvette test fires Exocet MM-40 Block II missile.

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