PHP15M allocated for repair, overhaul of Philippine Air Force aircraft

6:26:00 AM
MANILA, -- In line with efforts to ensure that all of its available aircraft are mission ready and airworthy, the Philippine Air Force (PAF) is allocating PHP15,911,487 for the overhaul and repair of one of its SIAI Marchetti S-211 jet aircraft.

Pre-bid conference is scheduled on May 21 at 1 p.m. at the PAF Procurement Center Conference Room, Villamor Air Base, Pasay City.

While submission and opening of bids is on June 2, at 9 a.m. also on the same venue.

Prospective bidders should have an experience in similar project within the last five years.

The PAF operates three to five S-211s and uses it for air defense and attack missions.

The Philippine Air Force SIAI-Marchetti S.211 military trainer aircraft  with secondary combat capability. These aircraft were upgraded by fitting the Norsight Optical Sight and AN/ARC-34 UHF Radios from retired F-5s. It is also equipped with a .50 caliber belly Gun Pod made by Aerotech.

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July 4, 2015 at 12:14 AM delete

Before we consider retiring the S-211 Planes don't you think we should already have replacement planes to take over the role of air Defense? Rather than just have a Paper Air Force?