Russia, Indonesia begin talks on Sukhoi Su-35 deliveries

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MOSCOW, -- Indonesia has taken an interest in buying Russia's brand new multirole fighter jet Sukhoi Su-35, United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) head Yuri Slyusar told Interfax in Ho Chi Minh City on Tuesday.

"Indonesian colleagues are interested in buying this plane. The negotiations are at their beginning," Slyusar said.

It was reported earlier that the Indonesian Air Force wished to replace outdated U.S. fighters F5 by Russian multirole fighters of generation 4++ Sukhoi Su-35.

"Hopefully, the national government will grant our wish to buy Sukhoi Su-35 fighters. As combat aircraft operators, we would like to have fighters of a more advanced generation, 4++," the Indonesian state news agency ANTARA quoted Air Chief Marshal Agus Supriatna as saying.

In his words, Sukhoi Su-35 aircraft fully meet the Indonesian Air Force demand for armaments. Supriatna said he was not expecting Indonesian technicians to have problems servicing those aircraft.

The eleventh squadron of the Indonesian Air Force is flying five one-seat Sukhoi Su-27SK and eleven two-seat Su-30MK2.

Sukhoi Su-35 was designed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau. It is a profoundly modernized super-maneuverable multirole fighter jet of generation 4++ employing fifth-generation technologies which makes it superior to other jets in its class.

Su-35 boasts new avionics based on a digital data control system, a new radar station with phased antenna array, a longer range of target detection and a bigger number of simultaneously locked and engaged targets, and new engines with bigger thrust and thrust-vector control.

In the opinion of experts, Su-35 has much better performance characteristics compared to other jets in its class, and its avionic systems are capable of accomplishing broader missions. The plane is superior to all tactical fighter of generations 4 and 4+ Rafale and EF 2000 and modernized fighters F-15, F-16, F-18 and F-35. It can also counteract F-22A.

The primary buyer of the new fighter jet is the Russian Defense Ministry, which signed a contract for the procurement of 48 Su-35 fighters in 2009.

The Sukhoi Su-35 'Super Flanker' A Multirole Air Superiority-Supermaneuverable fighter is heavily upgraded derivatives of the Su-27 'Flanker'.

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