W A T C H : China Releases Video Footage of Drone Missile Test

1:36:00 AM
BEIJING -- The Chinese military has released video footage of one of its home-made drones conducting a live-fire missile test.

The footage shows the drone firing 8 different kinds of weapons at various targets.

Testing itself took place last month in northern Inner Mongolia.

Li Yidong, deputy Chief Engineer of the PLA's armed drone division, says the drones are useful for both recon and attack missions.

"Drones that can both reconnoiter and attack have to function like this. Often times we don't know what kind of targets are on the ground. You can't just use one or two types of missiles to deal with targets of various types. That's why we have different weapons for different targets."

The drone, known as "Wing Loong," completed its development phase last year.

China has quickly become one of the world leaders in drone technology development.

China's Home-made Drone's Live-fire Missile Test Made Public.


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