Eurofighter Typhoon Excess Return Offer

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JAKARTA, -- Produsen fighter jets from Europe, the Eurofighter, offering products to Indonesia. Want to sell Typhoon Eurofighter jets to replace the F-5 fighter aircraft belonging to the Indonesian National Army (TNI) Air Force that has been aging. One skudaron consists of approximately 16 jet fighter,

Eurofighter also has met with Indonesian Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu to discuss further cooperation plans Typhoon fighter jet procurement.

"Four of the ambassador sent a letter to Secretary of Defense, a formula that has been signed by the Minister of Defence of the country The-state. The government fully supports, "said Head of Industrial Offset Eurofighter, Martin Elbourne when talking at the Grand Hyatt on Thursday (08/06/2015).

We met the Minister of Defense RI, Eurofighter also submit a Letter of Support (LoS). LoS is signed by four members of the consortium Eurofighter ambassador namely Spain, Germany, England, to Italy.

Elbourne said the letter essentially contain the technology transfer program conducted Eurofighter for the aviation industry in Indonesia. The requirement must be willing to use the Air Force combat aircraft such European products as a replacement for the F-5 fighter aircraft.

"We offer training, and technology transfer that had been submitted industries. We offer it all. We hope it can provide comfort for the Indonesian government. Not only for Indonesia, but also for the 4 countries, "he said.

Elbourne said, until now there has been no final decision from the Government of Indonesia related manufacturers that would supply a replacement fighter jet F-5. Besides Eurofighter, the other fighter jet manufacturers are also vying to supply fighter jets to the military.

Competitors Eurofighter whom are of Russian origin with Sukhoi SU 35, Lockheed Martin from the United States with the F16, the French-made Dassault Rafale, Saab AB to Swedish with Gripen .

"The government is doing is going to replace the F5 aircraft, there are several candidates, one of which Eurofighter. We provide information, we demonstrate commitment in Indonesia. We are going to train pilots, the second is the transfer of technology, there is what we offer is to transfer the assembly also end in Bandung, PT DI (Dirgantara Indonesia), "he said. ( Seconds )

Typhoon fighter jet will be assembled at Bandung

Jakarta -Eurofighter offered Typhoon fighter jets to the Indonesian military. In the offer, European manufacturers will provide technology transfer program alias transfer of technology on condition that the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) are willing to put their production fighter aircraft.

In the technology transfer program, fighter jets made in four European countries it will be assembled at the facilities of PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero) in Bandung, West Java.

"This is an attractive offer and can make the aircraft industry in Indonesia rose to a higher level," said Head of Industrial Offset Eurofighter, Martin Elbourne when talking at the Hotel Grand Hyatt, Thursday (6 / 8/2015).

In addition to the technology transfer offer, Eurofighter combat jet calling product excellence makes. Typhoon has a cruising range that is higher than similar jets in its class.

"From the operational side, can reach a distance Eurofighter higher, faster, and carry more weapons than other fighters. He can beegerak higher, fast, maneuverable faster because they have two engines. That's the key, "he said.

Without naming its value, Elbourne also said the plane had made also more fuel efficient than its competitors such as the F-16, SU-35, until Rafalea.

"We are more fuel-efficient fuels, and more efficient, "he said.

Related to the price, Elbourne still keep it secret. But he made sure, the price of the Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft will be competitive compared to its competitors. He also offers a warranty for 30 years without maintenance costs.

"If you budget, the first to offer 10 aircraft, others offer six air. It must select the 10 best. But if the 10 aircraft it in 5 or 10 years there must be refurbished how? We offer the whole cycle cost (whole cycle), in 30 years, "he said. ( Seconds )

Assembled in Bandung, Indonesia Typhoon Jet Production Base in Asia

Jakarta - Eurofighter want to make Indonesia a production base Typhoon jets outside Europe. European jet manufacturers will be with PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero) to assemble Typhon in Bandung, West Java.

Additionally, Eurofighter gave Indonesia the technology transfer program or Transfer of Technology. PT DI chosen because it has experience developing and producing commercial and military aircraft.

Having successfully assembled in Bandung, Indonesia will become Typhoon marketing base for the Asian market.

"We see this business. Asia is a huge market and we want to sell more. The Equally important we want to promote the aircraft industry in Indonesia to a higher level, "said Head of Industrial Offset Eurofighter, Martin Elbourne when talking at the Hotel Grand Hyatt, Thursday (06/08/2015).

Elbourne mention Asia is considerable market potential. On the other hand, the Eurofighter also own aim penggadaan one squadron of F-5 fighter replacement for the Air Force that has been aging.

Currently, there are only four countries in Europe that are entered into the Eurofighter consortium German, Italian, English and Spanish. Indonesia was ready to be brought in as members of the consortium.

"We want to make Indonesia entered into our group," he said.

However, the Eurofighter filed requirement. The Indonesian military had to buy his product. If there is no agreement, the Eurofighter will look for other countries to base production.

"If Indonesia finally select F16, or other aircraft. We are not so made here, for what it is," he concluded.

The Royal Air Force Eurofighter fires Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missile (ASRAAM).

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