Long-range early warning system in Heilongjiang revealed

11:48:00 PM
BEJING, -- Photos of China's long-range phased array warning system with a similar appearance to the US PAVE PAWS have been revealed by the Guancha Syndicate, a political website based in Shanghai, on Aug. 7.

The photos taken last May indicate that China has the capability to develop its own version of a long-range warning radar like the United States and Russia. Established at an unknown space monitoring station in Heilongjiang province in the country's northeast, the long-range radar system is able to detect targets 5,500 kilometers away. It can be used to direct the People's Liberation Army's air defense missiles to intercept incoming ballistic missiles.

Internet users have posted photos of similar facilities in Xinjiang in China's northwest and Fujian in the southeast. The warning system in Xinjiang is apparently designed to monitor Siberia while the one in Fujian at check Alaska and Japan.

With early warning systems in different regions, China will have a comprehensive anti-ballistic missile defense capability like the United States, the Guancha Syndicate claimed.

A photo of the long-range phased array warning system in China's northeast.


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