Taiwan's CSIST Unveiled the Sea Oryx Naval Air Defense System Similar to RAM at TADTE 2015

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TAIPEI, -- At the TADTE (Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition) 2015 defense exhibition held this week in Taipei, the Chungshan Institute of Science and Technology (CSIST) unveiled for the first time the Sea Oryx naval air defense missile system. The system appears close in concept to the American/German RAM (Rolling Airframe Missile) system developed by Raytheon/Diehl/RAM-SYS or to the Chinese Type 710.SJ01-24 launcher for HQ-10 missile.

The Sea Oryx missile is derived from the locally developed Infra-Red short range air-to-air missile "TC-1" Tien Chien-1 (meaning Sky Sword) . TC-1 is operational with Taiwan's air force IDF jet and Taiwan's army Antelope surface-to-air defense missile system. The TC-1 missile is fitted with a HE-blast fragmentation warhead with contact or active laser proximity fuze. The missile has a maximum effective range of 9,000 m and maximum altitude range of 3,000 m.

The Sea Oryx launcher appears to be somewhat heavier and bulkier than the RIM-116 RAM launcher even tough it carries only 16 missiles as opposed to the RAM's 21 rounds. TC-1 size (length: 2.87 m / diameter: 127 mm) is comparable to RAM's (length: 2.79 m / diameter: 127 mm).

According to CSIST, the Sea Oryx's missile is fitted with an imaging infrared seeker, inertial navigation system, data-link system and an upgraded rocket motor. Similar to the American Phalanx CIWS BLock 1B system, a forward looking infrared sensor is fitted on the side of the launcher. The Sea Oryx is a lock-on-after-launch missile system which reduces engagement reaction time.

It is not clear if the Sea Oryx missile is fitted with infrared dual mode (radio frequency and infrared homing) guidance system similar to the RAM and HQ-10 missiles or IR/IR "matrix imaging" technology.

The Sea Oryx is intended to be fitted on the new ROC Navy Catamaran Corvette "Tuo River" to provide the so called "Taiwanese LCS" with close range air defense. Head of class Tuo River is currently fitted with a Phalanx CIWS.

This new vessel project was first unveiled during 2013 edition of TADTE. The corvette was built by the Lung-De Shipbuilding Corporation under the "Swift Sea" program. With a length of 60.4 meters this corvette size vessel is designed for littoral operations.

Ultimately, Sea Oryx could be fitted on other ROC Navy vessels such as the new fast combat support ship AOE 532 Panshih or the Kee Lung-class destroyers to replace the existing Phalanx CIWS.

Taiwan's new Sea Oryx naval air defense missile system unveiled for the first time during the TADTE 2015 exhibition in Taipei.



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