Missile Corvettes and ASW Helos in RMN’s RMK11 Wish List

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SHAH ALAM, --  The Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) has registered 36 projects worth RM10.8 billion for the 11th Malaysian Plan (RMK11).

Among the projects are the procurement of six ASW helicopters, 8 surface missile corvettes, a number of boats and the replacement of missiles and torpedoes, said its chief Admiral Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Jaafar in his traditional New Year address today.

The SLEP for Laksamana-class is also registered in the same plan. Apart from the assets, the navy also planned to build and upgrade quarters and headquarters building under the same plan. Among the quarters to be build are those for the National Hydrography Centre in Port Klang and the Kota Kinabalu base. Both projects could be privatised to ensure that it will be completed as planned

This year, Abdul Aziz said among others projects to be undertaken are those for PASKAL and quarters for KD Seri Medini and RMN UPS in Sungai Lunchoo in Johor. He said the Underwater Surveillance System project for the Kota Kinabalu base are expected to start soon. The project is worth an estimated RM30 million.

Eight RMN ships and an Offshore station are also to undergo maintenance and refit this year.

Abdul Aziz also said he wanted the navy’s ships to use tug boats whenever they leave or enter ports to ensure that the grazing incident involving KD Kelantan and KD Mahawangsa at the Lumut Naval Base not be repeated.

He had also directed all ship’s commanders and executive officers to undergo training at the RMN’s Bridge simulator to ensure that they are fully competent in the handling of ships especially when leaving and entering ports and in Ship Special Duty situation.

Meanwhile, Abdul Aziz said the first LCS will start undergoing shipbuilding at the Boustead Naval Shipyard in Lumut in March and it was expected to be ready in 2019.

He also congratulated the Navy people that despite the limited assets, RMN had successfully conducted 369 operations to safeguard Malaysia’s sovereignty in 2014 Among the notable highlight of the year was the successful first firing of a live Blackshark torpedo by KD Tun Abdul Razak on Oct 31.

Apart from the planned operations, RMN had also successfully undertaken unplanned operations from flood relief to SAR operations for MH370 and QZ8501.

Royal Malaysian Navy Laksamana Hang Nadim (F134) Laksamana-class corvette. The Laksamana class corvettes were originally purchased by the Iraqi Navy as the Assad class corvettes, but whose delivery were delayed and later cancelled following international sanctions against Iraq following the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq.


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