Light Combat Aircraft Tejas-PV1 equipped with new generation electronic warfare suite

10:50:00 PM
CHENNAI, -- An advanced electronic warfare (EW) suite developed by the DRDO was successfully tested onboard the country's Light Combat Aircraft Tejas-PV1 today.

"After obtaining due flight clearances and certification, the first flight sortie of LCA PV1 with the EW equipment operational took place today. The equipment was noted to be detecting radar signals operating in and around the flight path," a Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO) release said here.

In addition to the Radar Warner, the EW suite, tested in Bengaluru, was also equipped with a jammer, which gives to the pilot an additional capability of nullifying the effect of detected radar threat by appropriate mode of jamming.

Existing EW systems fitted on various combat aircraft were basic equipment - Radar Warner Receiver to provide warning to the aircraft pilot in case of detection of a radar threat.

The advanced EW suite was developed by Defence Avionics Research Establishment ( DARE), a DRDO laboratory specialising in avionics and electronic warfare systems for combat aircraft, the release added.

India Tejas Light Combat Aircraft PV-1 (KH2003) in flight.

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