First Test Flight of KAI’s New Helicopter Successful

2:37:00 PM
SEOUL, -- Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) announced on Jan. 20 that its in-development amphibious task helicopter passed its first flight test on the previous day.

The company explained that the new machine, based on the Surion helicopter, succeeded in completing tasks such as veering and hovering for 30 minutes. In development since July 2003, this helicopter is equipped with a variety of equipment for tactical air navigation, long range communication, and so on, along with an improved foldable main rotor for higher compatibility with carriers.

KAI is expecting that the successful flight test will lead to greater trust in the performance of Surion-based derivative models and increasing shipments to overseas markets, including the Middle East, Latin America, and Southeast Asia, as well as the domestic military and public sectors. KAI has supplied two helicopters to the Korea National Police Agency since 2012 and dozens of units of the amphibious task helicopter are scheduled to be supplied to the Republic of Korea Marine Corps by 2023.

Amphibious version of Surion helicopter has completed its first flight on January 19 successfully.


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