Acquisition of Shoulder-Fired Anti-Air Missiles, Mobile Batteries Now in the Works

12:12:00 AM
MANILA, -- In line with its efforts to improve the territorial defensive capabilities of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), efforts are now underway to acquire and equip military units with shoulder-fired anti-air missiles.

This is to ensure that all units will have the capability to handle air attacks and boost the Philippine air defense network.

Aside from this, plans are also afoot to acquire mobile missile batteries with fire control radars and tracking devices.

These weapons will be placed in strategic locations in major islands of the country, a ranking defense official, who requested anonymity, said.

The missile batteries also have inter-locking fields of fire to maximize protection.

The defense official also pointed out that position of the mobile missile batteries will be shifted every once in a while to prevent possible adversaries from gaining a fix on their locations.

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