First Steel Cutting Strategic Sealift Vessel (SSV-1) Philippines

3:44:00 AM
SURABAYA, --  PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) started to initiate the process of production of warships to be exported to the Philippines to meet the country's Ministry of Defense orders two units Strategic Sealift Vessel-1 (SSV). Director of PT PAL Indonesia (Persero), M Firman, said the effort is an achievement and a challenge for the company's shipyard in producing SSV order of the country.

Factors, the fleet is one of the orders of defense equipment industry products Matra first Sea. "The investment value for the two warships reached worth 90 million US dollars," he said, met at Cutting Plates First (First Steel Cutting) SSV, in Surabaya on Thursday.

The production was, he explained, is done after the selection beyond strict international auction and length. The warship has a size of 123 meters and a width of 21.8 meters. "The plan there are as many as 121 crew to carry 500 troops," he said. He added that the ship has a maximum speed reached 16 knots with engine capacity of 2 x 2,920 kW.

"Ships with the carrier type with a capacity of 10,300 tons with a draft of six feet, "he said. He said the ship was also able to carry as many as four tanks, four trucks, a mobile hospital, two jeeps, and two helicopters. In general, with a wide range of experience possessed in building various kinds and types of warships that have been operating well used the Navy, Customs and Police, the ship will be equipped with more sophisticated equipment and weaponry.

"It can even accommodate the interests of the customer both the ocean as well as international waters including coordination both in military and non-military operations, "he said. Meanwhile, the Coordinating Minister for maritime, Indroyono Susilo, said, SSV was a development on the design and technology of ship types Landing Platform Dock (LPD) that have been submitted by PAL to the Navy in 2011.

"A total of two units which have been operating LPD is KRI Banda Aceh (593) and is now actively evaluating QZ8501 AirAsia plane victims. There is also KRI Banjarmasin (592) demonstrated to the Navy Philippines and help the mission of liberation piracy pirates in Somalia and cultural missions to various countries, "he said. At the same occasion, Chief of Staff of the Philippine Navy, VADM Jesus C. Millan, expect, project conducted in cooperation with PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) it is a contract to equip warships which has existed.

This will assist the Government of the Philippines in enhancing security defense. "We believe PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) can fulfill this order well considering various experiences in producing the previous ship," he said.

Export Warship First Coordinating Minister for maritime, Indroyono Susilo (middle), lifting steel plate joint Managing Director of PT PAL Indonesia, M Firmansyah Arifin (second right), Philippine Navy Chief, Vice Admiral Jesus C. Millan (second left) and Navy Chief of Staff, Admiral TNI Associate Ade Supandi (left), while the First Steel Cutting Ceremony Strategic Sealift Vessel-1 (SSV-1).


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