Russia Offers Kilo 636 Submarine to Thailand

8:32:00 AM
BANGKOK, -- Rosoboronexport company as the representative of the Russian government to export military equipment. He presented information about the Kilo-class diesel-electric Project 636 submarines for the Thailand Navy.

Kilo-class submarine is expected to be one of the options of the Navy Thailand certainty. Since there are many countries use this class submarines. Especially in ASEAN. Vietnam has started to receive the submarine aircraft and has ordered a total of 6, Indonesia who expressed interest in the supply as well. It also includes India and China has deployed 10 ships and 12, respectively, which is considered a class submarine submarine that has been very popular in the world. It is famous for its quiet and capable of operating in shallow water.

Earlier, China had proposed class submarine Yuan designed for fleet Thailand (version S26T) and TAF forecasts that there submarines from Germany, Sweden, South Korea and France to present information and are ready to offer and deals with.

China Shipbuilding & Offshore International or CSOC has presented information about S26T Yuan Class submarines is expected to be a model specifically designed for the Thailand Navy. The Chief of Staff to the President to listen to the Navy is in the process of supplying submarines.

The four submarine fleet was decommissioned on 60 years ago with plans to approve financing within this fiscal year, what is noteworthy. The image appeared in the pages of its submarine fleet CSOC has presented a proposal to Royal Thai Navy, which could mean the project may arrive during the presentations.

This is the last step before the announcement of selection. The Navy may issue a Request for Proposal (RFP), or may be prepared for the contestants to get feedback to be ready to present the final proposal on RFP officially believed to be aboard. Submarines from Germany, South Korea, Russia, Sweden, China and France to compete in this project, Thailand Navy wants to procure new 2-3 submarines.

The ORP Orzeł (291) Polish Navy 'Project 877E' (Kilo-class) submarine.

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