2017: Vietnam Navy will Have 17 Modern Missile Ships

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HANOI, -- Straight up is defined modern and robust investment priorities, by 2017, the Navy will have on the service 17 advanced rocket ship.

(4) Missile Escort Gepard-3.9

Following the first pair of ships of Gepard 011-Dinh Tien Hoang and 012-Ly Thai missile escort vessel, 2nd pairs (units 3 & 4) being built by Zelenodolsk Shipyard (Russia) to urgently complete Navy handed over to Vietnam in 2017.

Progress is a bit slower than the original for several reasons, including the failure of Ukraine not to handed over to the Russian engine mount aboard Gepard. But then, both Vietnam and Russia jointly resolve this issue satisfactorily way.

Although not released details, but most likely the next Gepard vessel will be fitted with MTU engines originating in Germany. Earlier, Germany's partners to provide at least 2 MTU-8000 diesel engines for ships BPS-500's first domestically built in Vietnam.

Reportedly, this is the 2nd pair of vessels added submarine hunting ability, officially turn them into rocket ships versatile protector perfectly true, just anti-ship, submarine hunting recently, just as the command ship records or naval strike group ready to attack the invaders.

Russian media also reported, most likely in the near future Vietnam Navy ships will set paired 3rd Gepard (the No. 5 & 6), but perhaps the parties are still in the process of completing discussions design should contract has not yet been formally signed.

There is news that the next pair of ships, beyond anti-ship, submarine hunting, they will be equipped with air defense missile vertical launch, longer range, formed relatively strong air defense umbrella to cover Vietnam Navy ships operating at sea.

(8) Molniya Corvettes

As of early 2016, had all six boats Molniya be handed over to the Vietnam Navy. 2 of which are built in Russia and 4 units built in Vietnam by the corporation Bason construction under license and technology transfer, supervised by the Russian side.

3rd vessel Molniya pair (the No. 5 & 6) are also officers, engineers and skilled workers of Ba Son complete urgently to conduct testing, commissioning and handover to the navy unit use this right in 2016.

It is expected that after the phase 1 close 6 ships of this type, Ba Son Corporation will implement phase 2 with a 4-6 series next Molniya ships with advanced configuration and more powerful weapons.

(4) Tarantul Fast Attack Missile

In the final stages of 1990 and early 2000, Vietnam navy received four fast attack missile ship Tarantul, the forerunner of today's Molniya vessels.

This is the rocket ship was deployed but the Russian side is not completed by many different reasons. Vietnam has successfully acquired the vessel, initially acquainted with modern missile boats, as a foundation for mastering the reception and more modern ships.

We can, in a few years, with the study of anti-ship missiles successfully KCT-15, this can Tarantul vessels will be upgraded to improve the firepower, continue to serve in the Vietnam Navy add a few more decades.

(1) BPS-500 Fast Attack Missile

Shipbuilding project fast attack missile BPS-500 has been postponed for reasons both subjective and objective, after just finishing is a unique one.

The project, which has helped draw more experience in choosing the type of ship, armament comes, is a prerequisite for shipbuilding Project M, ie the Molniya modern ships.

Expected in the near future, ships will be upgraded to maximize the speed, the power of anti-ship missile, meet the requirements of maritime warfare in the new situation.

In addition to the modern rocket ship above, at present, on the service of Vietnam Navy ships also have some OSA-II class missile was put into use for quite some time.

In the future, when the number of Vietnam ship missiles more are added, they will be able to archive, taken as the reserve force.

The Vietnam People's Navy Tarantul Fast Attack Craft - Missile l FAC-M (HQ-376).


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