Israel has delivered 20 EXTRA surface-to-surface guided rockets to Vietnam for coastal defence

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HANOI, -- According the latest SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute) data of 2015, Israel has delivered 20 EXTRA Guided rocket SSM (Surface-to-Surface) to the Vietnamese armed forces to be used for coastal defence.

The Extended Range Artillery (EXTRA) is a precision rocket munition developed by IAI MLM and IMI Rocket Systems Division.

The EXTRA rocket munition is being offered packaged in a four-unit pod configuration for land based launchers. It can be installed on high mobility trucks or fixed stations.

The EXTRA rocket is 4.4m long and 306mm in diameter. It was developed by IMI as private venture and first announced in 2005.

One in flight, Extra rocket is guided to its target by an Israeli-made GPS-augmented inertial navigation system resulting in a circular error probable (CEP) of 10 m with a maximum range of 150 km.

For the naval application, the rocket carries a 120 kg explosive-fragmentation warhead.

First pictures of the EXTRA rocket used by the Vietnamese Armed Forces were released on the Vietnamese website DATVIET.

During a military parade in Vietnam, Extra rockets were mounted at the rear of 6x6 KrAZ military truck chassis in two configurations, one with a four-unit pod configuration and a second version with a two-unit pod.

The Israeli EXTRA surface-to-surface guided rocket mounted on KRaZ truck at military parade in Vietnam.

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