Malaysia reveals Condor logistics vehicle prototype

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Malaysia’s Deftech unveiled a converted Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles Condor 4x4 logistics support vehicle prototype during Malaysia’s Independence Day parade on 31 August.

The original armoured personnel carrier (APC) has been converted into a flatbed logistics support vehicle, with the primary intention of transporting and supporting Deftech’s Aludra unmanned aerial vehicle, though the vehicle can be employed for general logistics support as well.

The conversion involves removal of the top half of the APC’s troop compartment and transforming the freed space into a flatbed to transport supply containers securely. With the passenger space eliminated, internal personnel capacity is now limited to only the driver and vehicle commander.

Deftech is also considering the installation of an integral loader crane to facilitate loading and unloading.

Jane’s has learnt that the prototype vehicle was developed in late 2015 by Deftech under a company funded initiative based on the requirement for a rugged mobility vehicle to transport the Aludra UAV.

The Aludra UAV system had earlier been deployed under a services-based contract to support Malaysian Armed Forces operations in East Malaysia, although the contract has recently expired and is in the process of being renegotiated.

Although the logistics vehicle variant is currently not a Malaysian Army requirement, then Malaysian Army Chief (now Chief of Defence Force) General Raja Affandi told Jane’s in April 2016 at the Defence Services Asia (DSA) exhibition that the army’s plan for the modernisation and upgrade of its Condor fleet – should funding for the program be approved – would include some of the fleet being converted into flatbed logistic transports.

Deftech also displayed its Condor upgrade prototype at the parade. This effort involves the replacement of its 168 hp Mercedes Benz engine with a 215 hp Deutz engine, an independent axle replacing the rigid axle, an automatic transmission replacing the t manual transmission, and a new drop box which will increase the vehicle’s power output of 491 Nm at 1600 rpm to 800 Nm at 1200-1700 rpm.

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