North Korea in 'DANGEROUS' threat to neighbour as nuclear war fears reach boiling point

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Tomorrow the United Nations Security Council is due to vote on sanctions proposed by the US to punish North Korea.

Brazen dictator Kim launched another nuclear test last month.

The world is united in condemning the brutal regime.

These sanctions would include an oil embargo and freeze of Kim’s assets.

South Korea is a supporter of the sanctions and has grown increasingly worried of its northern neighbour’s aggression.

Now, the North has released a terrifying statement calling for President Moon Jae-in to denounce his allies Japan and the US.

A spokesman of Kim’s propaganda tool, the Consultative Council for National Reconciliation dismissed the South as “puppets”.

Addressing the closer relationship with Japan, it continued: “It serves as a prelude for tightening a military nexus between South Korea and Japan and accelerating in real earnest the tripartite military alliance led by the US in the main.

“What merits a serious attention, in particular, is that it serves as an extremely dangerous and criminal sycophantic and treacherous agreement paving a broader road of re-invasion on the Korean peninsula.”

It adds: “Such moves are little short of zealously toeing the hostile policy of the US imperialists and Japanese reactionaries, which fault the measures of the DPRK for bolstering up the self-defensive nuclear force and work hard to provoke a nuclear war against it, and a heinous scheme to stand in confrontation.

“As long as the present puppet authorities of South Korea regard the policy of toeing the foreign forces as ‘a cure all’, talking about ‘cooperation’ with the sworn enemy crazy for wild ambition to invade Korea, the improvement of the north-south relations based on the spirit of By Our Nation Itself can not be expected. It is becoming ever clearer.”

This comes as Kim was seen celebrating with the top brass of his military after the successful hydrogen bomb test last month.

He praised scientists and technicians and called it a “great victory”.

Despite South Korean sources claiming that the ruler was about to launch another missile on Saturday, no fresh provocations were spotted during the party.

This could be as a result of Donald Trump’s latest threat, where he said the US military was ready to strike if needed.


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