1,134 graduate as SAF specialists at Pasir Laba

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Inspired by her husband's stories of life in the army, Ms Farah Halim, 25, joined the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). Her husband is a regular serving in the military police.

"I was inspired to make a difference in people's lives through leading them," she said.

Yesterday evening, she was one of 107 graduates to receive either the Gold or Silver Bayonet, the two highest achievements bestowed at the 32nd Specialist Cadet Graduation Parade held at Pasir Laba Camp.

The reviewing officer for the parade was Senior Minister of State for Communication and Information, and Education Janil Puthucheary.

Third Sergeant (3SG) Farah, who received a Silver Bayonet, was one of 1,134 specialist cadets on parade, comprising 1,018 from the Singapore Army, 63 from the Republic of Singapore Navy and 53 from the Republic of Singapore Air Force.

The parade marks the completion of the cadets' 22-week combat and leadership course, and their graduation as SAF specialists, receiving the rank of 3SG.

3SG Farah does not find it difficult being a female leader. She said: "If you have a strong mindset, if you adopt a never-say-die attitude, you can actually achieve full potential, to be on a par with the men."

In his speech, Dr Janil emphasised the need for strong leadership across all ranks in the SAF, especially with the formidable terrorist threat Singapore is facing.

"Never underestimate or desert those under your charge... and demand the highest standards from yourself and your men," he said.

Correction note: The caption for the photo had incorrectly identified 3SG Raj Kishen Ravichandran as 3SG Farah Halim's husband. We are sorry for the error.


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