PT PAL Completes Construction Orders of Second Strategic Sealift Vessel for the Philippines

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MANILA, -- PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) has completed ship the second order of war Ministry of Defence of the Philippines and plans to be launched on 29 September 2016 at the shipyard PT PAL Indonesia Tanjung Perak, Surabaya, East Java.

President Director of PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) M Firmansyah Arifin, in Surabaya on Saturday, said the completion of warship types "Strategic Sealift Vessel" (SSV) second order was faster three-four months compared to the first orders which takes about two years. " overall second order is faster than the first, which is about three to four months, "he said.

Previously, the first orders ship SSV sophisticated independent creation of the nation's children who were in class "Lloyd Register" that was launched on January 18, 2016, and has been named by the Ministry of Defence Philippines by the name of Tarlac. "Tarlac is a warship first successfully exported Indonesia, and is part of the development of carrier vessel "Landing Platform Dock" (LPD) designed length of 123 meters, 21.8 meters wide and has a speed of 16 knots with endurance sailing for 30 days at sea, "he said. Meanwhile, project leader workmanship warship Filipna Turitan order Indaryo said the rapid process of the second order for PT PAL Indonesia using the principle of "one day one block".

"This means that every day there should be blocks of the ship were completed, so that it can be faster than a specified time," said Turitan who is currently the Director of Planning and Business Development. Previously, Turitan explains the timeliness of processing and delivery become its own record and is a plus offered by PT PAL Indonesia to the state of the customer. "Besides the quality of goods and competitive prices an advantage that the products of Indonesia can compete with the international community," he said.

Earlier, the Philippines ordered two warships equipped LPD type SSV weapons as a form of self-defense efforts.

SSV equipped landing three helicopters and hangars, as well as have the ability to carry two ships, landing craft utility (LCU) plus a wide range of combat vehicles of military trucks to the Amphibious Assault Vehicle (AAV). By having a draft of the ship five meters, SSV capable of reaching out to the waters shallow and can function as a floating hospital and the SAR while it is a disaster.

Note: News information was translated via Google Translate.

The Philippine Navy BRP Davao Del Sur (602) 2nd Strategic Sealift Vessel at the PT PAL Shipyard Surabaya, East Java Indonesia.

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