Indonesian Navy Second Sigma 10514 class Frigate Launch

2:25:00 PM
JAKARTA, -- The Indonesian Navy Second Frigate Sigma 10514 is being commissioned by the Ministry of Defence in strengthening the presence of defense equipment, and will be officially handed over in October 2017.

"Once launched, the ship will undergo refinement and will be officially handed over in October 2017, "he said.

Firmansyah explained, Sigma 10514 is the result of cooperation of technology transfer between PT PAL Indonesia by ship company Holland" Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding "(DSNs) and has tested 7 September 2016.

In the process of Sigma 10514, PT PAL Indonesia and DSNs using a modular system, and each vessel consists of six modules, with final assembly done in Indonesia.

The frigate types were designed for different type of warfare among them for battle by land, air, water and under water, and equipped with maritime security, search and rescue, and humanitarian missions capabilities.

Meanwhile, Sigma 10514 common specifications: length = 105.11 meters Width = 14.02 meters draft Air = 3.7 meters Weight = 2,365 tons Distance = 5,000 nM Power Transport = 100 + 20 People Speed 28 Knots max.

NOTE: News information was translated via Google.

The Republic of Indonesian Navy The second Sigma class 10514 frigate KRI IG Ngurah Rai (332).

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