US, South Korean Navies Hold Joint Anti-Submarine Exercise

10:54:00 PM
WASHINGTON / SEOUL, – The United States and South Korea launched a five day joint anti-submarine exercise near Guam, the US Navy said in a release on Monday.

“The exercise integrates US and Republic of Korean anti-submarine warfare assets to bolster relations and interoperability,” the US Navy said.

The Silent Shark 2015 exercise will be held near Guam between June 8 and 12. The USS Shiloh guided-missile cruiser and a US submarine will participate alongside a South Korean submarine and other joint marine and reconnaissance aircraft, according to the statement.

Silent Shark 2015 will provide an opportunity for the allied navies to use submarine tracking and simulated engagement with adversarial forces to maintain stability throughout the Western Pacific region, the US Navy explained.

The Korean peninsula formally remains in a state of war since the Korean War.

The United States has about 28,500 soldiers stationed in South Korea.

In early June 2015, the South Korean military successfully tested a ballistic missile capable of reaching almost any point in North Korea, local media reported citing the defense ministry.

The Republic of Korea Navy Lee Eokgi (SS 071) submarine transits on the surface after departing Pearl Harbor.

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