PT PAL has 25% works on Philippine warships

7:23:00 AM
SURABAYA, -- The process of making two warships by PT PAL Indonesia, which is the order of the Philippines has reached 25% of all forms of ship types "Strategic Sealift Vessel" (SSV).

Director of PT PAL Indonesia Firmansyah Arifin, said Friday that the current to ship 1st procession entered the stage of laying the keel or "Keel Laying", and to ship the 2nd entering first plate cutting process "First Steel Cutting" performed at Workshop Assembly, the Division of Commercial Boat PT PAL Indonesia.

"What we do currently has reached 25%, and for the import of equipment that we need the existing 80%. Hopefully the process will be timely and November 2015 we will launch, "he said in Surabaya, East Java.

Arifin optimistic vessel construction valued at 90 million US dollars would be appropriate time, and in May 2016 can already be submitted or sent to the Philippines. The warship SSV main weaponry system (defense equipment)  successfully exported overseas by Indonesia.

The vessel is designed with a length of 123 meters, a width of 21.8 meters and capable of transporting 500 troops and a weight of up to 10,300 tons, which can go for 30 days at a distance of 9,360 sea mill with a maximum speed of 16 knots.

Additionally, domestically-made vessel is also capable of carrying two helicopters, and a transport vessel "landing craft utility" ( LCU), and tanks to military trucks.

Note: News information was translated via Google.

The Deputy chief of staff of the Philippine Navy, Rear Admiral Caesar C Taccad AFP, at the sight of the process of making warships in PT PAL.

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