Last Kilo Class Varshavyanka submarine for Vietnam

8:18:00 PM
HANOI, -- December 9th St. Petersburg sailed registered in the Netherlands ship dock Rolldock Storm the last commissioned by the Vietnam submarine project 636.1 Varshavyanka. This ship is the HQ-187 Ba Rịa-Vung Tau. Sixth ordered by Vietnam and 37 of exported ships in this family.

Vietnam ordered six submarines project 636.1 in 15 December 2009. The contract is worth the equivalent of $ 3.2 billion. The ships built shipyard JSC Admirałtiejskije Wierfi, Saint Petersburg. Currently they produced two more ships for the same project ordered by Algeria.

Vietnam ships project 636.1 have serial numbers 01339-01344. First, HQ-182 Ha Noi, has been to the received in 7 November 2013. Subsequent to the HQ-183 Ho Chi Minh City, HQ-184 Hai Phong, HQ-185 Khanh Hoa and HQ-186 Da Nang. Supplies include not only ships, but also the necessary infrastructure and service pack (Da Nang in Vietnam).

The Vietnam People's Navy Kilo class submarine HQ 184 Hải Phòng sister ship of HQ-187 Ba Rịa-Vung Tau at Cam Ranh Bay.

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