Vietnam’s Su-30 fighter jet crashed

12:34:00 AM
HANOI, -- Vietnam has confirmed it lost contact with a fighter jet this morning flying offshore the central province of Nghe An, according to major general Do Minh Tuan, Vietnam People’s Air Defense – Air Force.

A source said the aircraft crashed on the sea, pilot Nguyen Huu Cuong swims to the shore. The military is searching for pilot Tran Quang Khai.

A team of Su-30 fighter jets departed from Sao Vang Airport in the central province of Thanh Hoa. By around 8 a.m., one of the fighter jets disappeared from the radar.

Major General Do Minh Tuan, Deputy Commander of Vietnam Air Defense – Air Force told VnExpress that the jet lost contact when it was training east of Nghe An central province.

Lieutenant General Le Huy Vinh (Vietnam Air Defense – Air Force) and Tuan are directly overseeing the search for the missing jet. Helicopters have been mobilized to search the sea in Nghe An and Ha Tinh areas.

Colonel Hoang Bui Hai, Deputy Commander of the Military Command of Thanh Hoa province said his unit has been informed of the incident and is sending forces to help with the search.

Pilot Tran Quang Khai (43) is one of two pilots on the missing fighter aircraft this morning.

The Su-30 pilot is from the 923 air regiment. Set up in 1965, this is the second air force fighter regiment under the Vietnam People’s Air Force established during the American – Vietnam War.

The Su-30 is a Russian jet and it’s considered to have many advantages over the generation four of U.S. fighter jets.

The Vietnamese Air Force Su-30MK2 All-weather, long-range strike fighter. Russia completes delivery of all Su-30MK2 to Vietnam Air Force.

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