Navy units conduct mock amphibious assault in Cavite

6:48:00 AM
MANILA, -- Philippine Navy and Marine units conducted a mock amphibious assault in Ternate, Cavite on Thursday, as part of the five-day Exercise "PAGSISIKAP" 2015 which started Monday, Navy public affairs office chief Cmdr. Lued Lincuna said.

"This mock amphibious raid was a combined special operations designed to put into test, evaluate and further enhance the capability of the Fleet-Marine personnel in the conduct of an integrated attack from its initiation from the sea through naval platforms, to the insertion of troops and infiltration into the hostile terrain, to demolition raid and close-quarter combats and finally to the extraction of the VIPs from the enemy-laden environment," he added.

Aside from war-fighting capabilities, it was also an avenue for the troops to run through the tactical combat casualty care by air and water that comprised of life-saving techniques and strategies for providing first aid and care on the battlefield for combat casualties.

Exercise “PAGSISIKAP” 2015 is the 12th iteration of the annual Fleet-Marine amphibious exercise conducted by the PN in order to develop and achieve an amphibious-capable and credible force and enable the Fleet-Marine forces to assert more efficiency in the conduct of its mandated task.

Philippine Marines from the Naval Special Operations Group (NAVSOG) storm the beach to simulate an "extraction" of a kidnapped victim as they kick off a five-day amphibious military exercise at the Philippine Marines training center in Ternate, Cavite province, about 50 miles (80kms) south of Manila, Philippines Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015.

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