Jakarta Looks to Moscow for Planned Submarine Purchase

5:41:00 PM
JAKARTA, -- Indonesian Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu says the government will prioritize purchasing new submarines over fighters jets — and that it intends to buy them from Russia.

“The president has ordered the new purchase. Rather than buying 10 secondhand units [of submarines], it is better to purchase five new ones instead,” Ryamizard said in Jakarta on Monday after a closed-door meeting with legislators.

He added that Russian submarines would likely be chosen based on several considerations.

“Russian submarines can dive longer and deeper than any others. They can also shoot under the sea,” Ryamizard said. (All submarines can do this.)

As for fighter jets, the government will probably only purchase new ones next year, the minister said.

“We still have ... fighter jets. What is important is [to build more] runways,” the minister said.

He did not say how much the government planned to spend on the proposed submarines or whether they would be nuclear- or diesel-powered ones.

The Russian Navy Kilo-class Project 636 Starij Oskol (B-262)  diesel-electric submarine.


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