Aussie Chinook fleet in-country

8:01:00 PM
CANBERRA, -- The seven Chinooks were ordered by the Australian government in 2012 under a foreign military sale with the US government. The new aircraft will eventually replace the Australian Defence Force’s six CH-47D Chinook models.

The aircraft delivered to the army include major developments of the F model, including a digital cockpit, an advanced communications system and new avionics, all of which will allow the Australian Army to operate more effectively with US and international forces.

The Australian Chinook configuration also includes a new rotor brake that enables shipboard operations by actively stopping the rotor blades rather than allowing the blades to naturally ‘spin down’ once the engine is turned off after landing.

Rear Admiral Tony Dalton of Australia’s Department of Defence said: ‘Our CH-47D Chinooks have been real workhorses for Australia, both here and on operations overseas, and our new CH-47F Chinooks are set to be even more dependable, affordable and capable assets.

‘We are very pleased with how Boeing and the United States Army have worked together to deliver this important capability to Australia ahead of schedule and on budget.’

The Chinook fleet is operated by the Australian Army’s 5th Aviation Regiment, 16th Aviation Brigade, from their home base in northern Queensland, Australia. Boeing Defence Australia will provide on-site operational maintenance support for the CH-47F aircraft.

The Royal Australian Army Boeing CH-47F 'Foxtrot' Chinook helicopter.

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