RTAF Received First EC725 Helicopter

4:03:00 AM
BANGKOK, -- During 8 -15 February 2015 at the French, Royal Thai Air Force  Board of the Technical Committee to inspect the project to supply unit # 1 EC725 medium helicopters for search and rescue in the battle area (Phase 1),  manufactured by Airbus Helicopters.

The supply of medium combat search and rescue helicopters is to provide medium helicopter to find and as a lifesaver. Replacement helicopter search and rescue mission today to keep its air force and the ability to search and rescue for military and civilians.

As the main unit of the Air Force, Medium Helicopter's Project (Phase 1) to provide an EC725 helicopter is scheduled for delivery 4 units for RTAF on August 2015.

RTAF plans to purchase 16 EC-725 Combat SAR helicopter. The RTAF EC725 will replace UH-1 Huey for Combat SAR missions.



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