Philippine Marine Corps to upgrade turrets of its armored fighting vehicles

3:57:00 AM
MANILA, -- The Philippine Navy announced yesterday, February 9, that it is launching a program focused on the modernization of the turret systems of its armored vehicles. “In line with the military’s ongoing modernization efforts, the Philippine Navy (PN) has announced that it will upgrade the turret systems of all the armored fighting vehicles at its arsenal,

Philippine Navy’s armored vehicles estimated to be 30 to 40 units are operated by the Philippine Marine Corps.

The project has a PhP34.5-million budget ($784,000). All turrets will be electrically operated, especially for the traverse and elevation of guns that will enhance target acquisition, Philippine Navy's vice commander Rear Admiral Caesar Taccad said.

The Philippine Marine Corps is currently equipped with i.a. 19 Textron V150 Commando armored personnel carriers, and 12 Textron V300 light armored infantry fighting vehicles with 90 mm gun turret.

 Philippine Marine Corps' Textron V300 armored fighting vehicle.


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