In 2015, Vietnam will Receive Two Missile Boats "Moniya" and Ten Su-30MK2

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HANOI, -- The Vietnam People's Army/VPA this year would received two missile boats "Molniya" and ten Su-30MK2 from Russia. This was announced by the Vietnamese government information portal.

Under a contract with Vietnam for the supply of Russian Su-30MK2, transfer the entire batch of aircraft to the customer - VPA - should be completed in 2015. After that, the number of Su-30MK2 fighters in service with Vietnam reaches 36 units. This is the most advanced combat aircraft, which have to date Vietnamese Air Force, said information resource.

Vietnamese Navy, according to a government portal, this year will receive two missile boat project 1241.8 "Molniya", created under the license of the Russian Federation on a local shipyard "Bashon" and now undergoing testing. Under the contract, Russia and Vietnam signed in 2003, two boats "Molniya", a project which was developed by the Central Marine Design Bureau "Almaz" (St. Petersburg), to be built in Russia and up to ten boats under Russian license - in Vietnam. Implementation of the licensing contract began in 2010 and will last until 2016.

Russia - a traditional partner of Vietnam on cooperation in the military-technical sphere. In recent years, the parties have signed contracts worth more than $ 4.5 billion on shipments to Vietnam the latest Russian weapons. The most significant of these was a contract for the purchase of Vietnamese Air Force multifunctional Su-30MK2, which is estimated at about a billion dollars and an agreement to sell six submarines of the project 636.1 "Varshavyanka" cost of about $ 2 billion.

Last month, the third "Varshavyanka" from the Vietnam ordered was delivered to the naval base at Cam Ranh Bay. At present, the Vietnamese Navy included the first two boats passed, dubbed the "Hanoi" and "Ho Chi Minh City." Delivery of the entire party boats will be completed in 2016.

According to the Vietnamese government, the annual cost of Vietnam's defense is approximately $ 1.5 billion, equivalent to 1.8% of national GDP.

 Vietnam People's Air Force had 24 Su-30MK2 in service in 2012.


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