Japan, UK to develop air-to-air missile system

6:40:00 AM
TOKYO, -- Japan and the UK are taking defence co-operation a step further. The two countries' foreign and defence ministers announced this after a meeting in Tokyo on Friday (Jan 8).

The ministers said they will develop an air-to-air missile system, which will take both countries into a new stage of defence co-operation.

British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said he has offered to deploy RAF Typhoon aircraft to Japan this year. His Japanese counterpart Gen Nakatani said a new joint agreement to build capacity in Southeast Asia will focus on maritime security and cyber security.

The UK has also welcomed the new security law that Shinzo Abe's government pushed through last September. This allows the country, bound by a pacifist constitution, to play a more active military role internationally.

Both sides have condemned North Korea's nuclear test and will push for significant measures to be taken at the United Nations Security Council.

Japanese and British officials have also expressed concerns about rising tensions in the South China Sea due to large-scale land reclamation that could change the status quo and overlapping territorial claims by China and several Southeast Asian countries.

An Royal Air Force 17 Squadron Eurofighter Typhoon multirole fighter aircraft with Meteor missiles attached.


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